Solar Energy Solutions

11.0 kW Boonville, IN Home


Project at a Glance

  • Type of installation: Ground mount
  • Environmental benefits over 25 years:
    • CO2 savings: 557,225
    • Equivalent CO2 in miles driven: 617,975
    • CO2 emissions from 276,325 lbs of coal

The Project

This residential ground mount 25 miles outside of Evansville, IN was designed for a couple approaching retirement who’s main motivation was to lock in their energy costs for predictable and secure budgetary reasons. Interestingly one of the homeowners is currently employed at a local coal-fired utility power plant so has a first-hand view of the escalating expense and environmental challenges of legacy power production,

Solar Energy Solutions ground mounts are built to very robust standards and receive PE (Professional Engineer) stamps warrantying their design as appropriate for all local prevailing weather conditions. With 6’ deep buried posts, poured concrete foundations and an engineer reviewed design these ground arrays are built for very very long-term energy generation.