Solar Energy Solutions

30.8 kW Lexington, KY Business


Project at a Glance

  • Type of installation: Roof mount
  • Environmental benefits over 25 years:
    • CO2 savings: 1,484,875 lbs
    • Equivalent CO2 in miles driven: 1,646,850
    • CO2 emissions from 736,350 lbs of coal

The Project

Small businesses are often saddled with the highest cost of electricity. Adding solar to these energy-intensive operations often produces the quickest ROI and breakeven of any solar project when you compound the 30% ITC tax credit (now 26%) and an accelerated 1 – 6-year depreciation option.

Lextro, Lexington and Central Kentucky’s recognition specialist are as dedicated to running a clean and ethically powered business as they are to producing the best in awards, plaques and trophies.

Lextro had two ideal roof surfaces for solar panels and added 30.8 kW of Trina 305W panels producing over 38,000 kWh/yr. of energy, making it one of the largest commercial arrays in Fayette county