Solar Energy Solutions

5.4 kW Residential Solar Install Cincinnati, Ohio


Project at a Glance

  • Type of Installation: Roof Mounted Solar Array
  • Percentage of electricity offset by project: 100% of electric usage + 20% for addition of air conditioning
  • Environmental Benefits over 25 years:
    • CO2 savings: 266,883 lbs
    • Equivalent CO2 in miles driven: 241,505
    • Equivalent CO2 of 107,984 lbs of coal burned

The Project

These Western Hills homeowners added air conditioning to their home recently. By adding solar to offset their current electric and the additional electric needed by the air conditioning they can stay cool without an increase in utility costs. This 5.4 kW Solar System on two roof generates approximately 6,000 kWh annually to offset  100% of this homes current need for electricity to providing an additional 20% to power the air conditioning system. The system features ultra high efficiency LG 360 watt panels.


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