Solar Energy Solutions

9.9 kW Louisville, KY Home


Project at a Glance

  • Type of installation: Roof mount and Tesla Powerwall
  • Environmental benefits over 25 years:
    • CO2 savings: 467,350
    • Equivalent CO2 in miles driven: 518,300
    • CO2 emissions from 231,750 lbs of coal

The Project

Solar Energy Solutions often gets involved in multi-stage projects with their customers and such was the case here. Being asked back by homeowners to add or build on to prior work is the highest praise we can think of. We see solar as a 25+ year ticket to being part of our extended clean energy family.

Beginning with a simple Tesla Home Charger install for a newly purchased Model S we spotted as part of that work a potential issue with an old breaker panel that was known to have arcing and fire hazard issue, so we suggested a full service upgrade. With that done the homeowners asked us to look at their PV potential for utility cost saving, environmental and car charging reasons. They are now the proud owners of a 9.9 kW Trina array (black on black) which covers nearly of their 75% consumption.

The final step was to look at installing a Tesla Powerwall to give backup power in the event of an outage and to store their own excess solar production for self-consumption when the sun goes down.