Solar Energy Solutions

Why Solar Energy Solutions?


Solar Energy Solutions is the region’s oldest and most experienced full-time solar energy & solar battery storage installation firm.  SES (Solar Energy Solutions) was founded in 2006 and has over 2,500 installations in the region. SES combines engineering excellence with electrical expertise to design and install superior renewable energy installations. 

We Set the Bar High for our Staff

The SES staff is highly trained and focused on the development of solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems.  SES staff carry all relevant licenses and certifications including a PE licenses, Masters and Journeyman electrical licenses and NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certificates.   NABCEP PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Board Certification is considered the gold standard for PV professionals in the renewable energy industry[1]. SES has 7 NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals ensuring our installations meet the highest standards.


Locations across the Region

SES’s primary warehouse (HQ) is in Lexington and the second warehouse in Louisville. In addition, other warehouse/sales offices are in Bloomington IN, Indianapolis IN, and Cincinnati, OH. Having 6 total crews in the region, SES can rotate crews into the Louisville area as volume demands for installations. The SES Kentucky and Indiana crews, like all our crews, are made up of dedicated, local, and experienced installers.


Better for the World:

Our world is warming at an ever increasing rate, driven by growing CO2 emissions. The resulting change in climate is evident in the increased droughts, floods, wildfires, and other ecosystem damage that is all around us. Solar Energy Solutions has chosen to be at the forefront of the rapid rise of solar power, to address these challenges with a clean energy solution. The transition to solar power will slow, stop, and push back the damage to our planet. And so, for us, every roof (home or business) that incorporates solar into their daily lives or work, and every utility we help switch away from legacy power sources is a victory. Because of this we run our business as our way of actively building a better future for everyone.

Better Jobs for People:

We love being part of the Green Energy Industrial Revolution. The old ways of producing and distributing power have been static for 125 years. Now there is a better way and we are leading the charge to implement solar in the south and midwest. At Solar Energy Solutions, we believe helping our team members learn a new trade, one that supports a cleaner environment and is also a secure and well paid skilled job for life, is a joy. Solar installers are the #1 job growth category in the US! We run this business to build a new energy economy where we and our families can feel like we make a real difference for customers as they switch to clean energy. 

Energy and Rate Security for Homeowners and Businesses:

Solar power allows homeowners and businesses to lock in what they pay for power. A typical solar system will provide power for more than 25 years. When you own your power generation, and that power generation has a guaranteed power output for 25 years, your cost for the power never go up. No utility will ever be able to make that same promise. Add a battery to your solar system and you have protection from power outage. We believe giving people the ability to take control of their own power can give families and business a way to control rising expenses and overhead.

Making the Most of Advancing Technology:

The technologies of solar power, solar battery storage, and electric vehicles are changing by the day and month. Because of this, we have to change and adapt almost constantly as product and engineering approaches evolve and improve. We love working in a new and fresh industry that is reshaping the world. And so, we take pride in being at the forefront of this revolution and helping others safely embark on that journey with us. 

Installers on the roof
Solar Energy Solutions Installers at Work


Be Ethical:

At SES we manage our conduct by what is right for people, the environment, and the profession we love. And so, we are in business primarily to solve the world’s #1 issue of global warming and also to grow local, sustainable jobs. Profits follow. 

Show Respect:

At SES we treat our customers, and each other, with acceptance, courtesy, and the esteem due to any member of our community. We want to earn their business with our expertise, experience, and ethical approach to solar. 

Pursue Learning:

At SES we are stewards of a new and rapidly growing industry. And so, as leaders in our field, it is our responsibility to continue our education and remain informed and acquainted with the latest technologies and methods of our craft. 

Embrace The Details:

At SES we are in a technical field where the smallest parts are critical to the success and 25+ year life of the whole system. Therefore, from design to installation and from people to the product, the details matter, and we pay attention to them to ensure our success for our customers. 

Think Design:

At SES our best work begins before we even lift a tool. Anyone can learn to install a panel, but we design and engineer systems. That means skillfully having a vision for the intended results, planning the best path to get there, and making it safely last a lifetime. 

Go The Extra Mile:

At SES we will over-deliver when we can, providing our customers with more than their money’s worth. Likewise, we work hard to give advice and support that goes beyond our customers’ expectations to be as thorough as possible and deliver the best long-term solution. Therefore, if we make a mistake, we own it and correct it to your satisfaction. 

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate:

At SES we are the protectors of solar power at a regional, state, and local level. Consequently, we place our resources, people, and voice behind its continued growth and success. Our passion and enthusiasm stems from knowing our political advocacy efforts not only ensure our industry but also solidify the confidence our customers have in solar as a long- term solution.

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