Solar Energy Solutions

Ground Mounted Solar Systems

A Ground Mounted Solar System is an Option in Some Cases

Ground Mounted Solar System can be a good option when the roof isn’t ideal, and you have enough space on your property that has access to sunlight most of the day.

If a roof isn’t getting great sun or is too complex etc., a ground mounted system can be a good option. This works the best when there is a big yard or a large amount of land around the home that can be used. A ground mount can usually be faced due south at the perfect angle and away from any shading. For smaller systems this can add some cost. For large systems, there can be labor savings. It’s easier to attach panels at the ground level that it is to transport the panels to the roof and put them on there. An area closer to the electric panel will save you on trenching so keep that in mind if you’re considering a ground mounted system.