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Solar Solutions for Schools & Colleges

Schools by their very nature are an investment in the future. When schools use solar power for their electricity needs, they insulate their organizations from rising utility prices and help insure that they can continue focusing on educating the next generation. SES has 35 active school solar projects in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio with more being added every month.

In the education sector, any money not spent on operations can go directly to support the the students and research projects of the school, and just like solar power, that’s good for the whole world. When schools have more control over their energy, they can worry less about costs and focus more on education and research.

If you are a college or university, we can help lock in reduced energy costs on a 25-year horizon or longer and identify how to incorporate the solar investment into your curriculum to further student environmental and technical learning.

Solar Energy Solutions has decades of experience working with schools in the region. Our business is driven by ethical, environmental and educational principles, which ensures we will always deliver our project in full alignment with your goals in the most costeffective and principled way.

Solar energy for your school can:

  • Eliminate or reduce your utility bills
  • Meet your institution’s environmental goals
  • Help you market your school
  • Provide the chance to integrate solar into your educational curriculum
  • Be a practical demonstration of sustainability for your students
  • Provide a 25-year guaranteed energy cost for efficient organization budgetary management

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