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Ohio House Bill 6

What you need to know..(Not Exactly What it Seems)

HB6 is a nuclear bailout bill designed to offset the costs of keeping two nuclear plants running in Northern Ohio that are no longer economically viable in the low priced energy landscape of today.  The sponsors and backers of this bill are calling it a “clean-air” bill.  While it is true, if the 2 nuclear plants in question were shut down fossil fuel plants would certainly replace them, this bill is a far cry from a true clean-air bill.  Especially in the way it has been drafted to only allow solar arrays greater than 50MWs (there are none in the state of Ohio) and wind between 5-50MWs (all in Ohio are larger) to benefit.

Here’s what’s wrong

The three biggest issues with HB6:

  • Forces all Ohioans to pay subsidies to 2 aging, expensive nuclear plants.
    • The monthly costs will be $2.50 per person up to $250 for Industrial (by meter).
  • It ends state programs to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • It fails to support renewable generation like solar or wind as clean air sources.

Here is What the Bill Needs! (to be a real “clean-air” bill)

  • Clearly define the costs to Ohioans.  
  • Remove the restrictions on other non-carbon emitting generation
  • Keep both Ohio’s renewable energy and energy-efficiency programs.
  • Revise Ohio energy policy to support renewables produced in Ohio again, reverse the setbacks on wind development that have hampered the industry that was previously growing in Ohio.

What Others Have to Say On HB 6!
(See what these groups have to say)

  • Green Energy Ohio  
  • Ohio Citizen Action
  • Columbus Dispatch – What you need to know about Ohio House’s Energy...
    • Q: If the bill is designed to aid growth of clean energy, why are so many environmental groups opposed to it?”
    • “A: Many environmental advocates don’t like that the bill would defund Ohio’s current renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, and may not allow any renewable energy projects to qualify for new “clean air” funds. The Ohio Environmental Council says the bill ignores that Ohioans are already saving money thanks to energy efficiency efforts funded by their current monthly electric bill, and there are more than 100,000 clean energy jobs in Ohio.”
  • Read HB 6 at the Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Here is What You Can Do! (Contact Your Representative)

Let your Representative know the ways this bill can be better for everyone. Click here and go to the bottom left-hand corner of the page to find out who your representative is and how to contact them.

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