Solar Energy Solutions

Power Outage and Solar Battery

What does a power outage mean with solar and no battery

On the last page, we learned about net metering and how it allows homes with solar power to pull electricity from the grid and also PUSH electricity into the grid. Being able to export power during times your system is over producing (getting a credit) and pull power when you aren’t producing power, at night, cloudy days, is great. But, the ability to push power into the grid means that there is the possibility that power could be put into lines that lines works are working on without the utility know or having the ability to stop this power. Because of this, a safety measure is integrated into solar systems without a battery shutting those down when the grid is unavailable.

Power Outage with Grid Tied Solar

What a power outage means if you have solar and a solar battery

A power outage is quite different if you have a solar battery to store backup power. In that situation, your system will keep running so you will not lose power. Any additional power can be sent to the battery and not the grid so it’s safe for utility worker and convenient for you.

Power Outage with Battery Back-up

A backup battery for solar power is very much like a generator except it saves solar energy instead of being powered with natural gas or propane.