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Public Services Commission Taking Comments on SB 100 to September 20

As you may know, a bill passed last year that will allow altering the rate solar customers receive for sending excess power to the grid.  A process called net metering.  

Customers with solar systems installed in 2019 and earlier will be grandfathered in for 25 years of the current net metering system.   However, Senate Bill 100 could significantly impact your friends, neighbors, and businesses that don’t yet have solar.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission, which regulates the state’s largest utilities, will determine how homegrown solar energy is valued.  Please take a few minutes to contact the Public Service Commission to let them know that homes, churches, and small businesses should receive fair credit for their solar power.  The power they generate and send to back to the monopoly utilities, which, in turn, send it to your neighbors. 

It’s easy! Just click here for a sample letter and instructions on how to send your message to the PSC. Please personalize the beginning of the letter to reflect why you chose solar and how it benefits your family, business, or church.

The deadline to submit comments is Sept. 20.

Your voice matters. Together, we can help preserve and increase local solar jobs. Together, we can continue the momentum of diversifying. 

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