Solar Energy Solutions

Battery Storage

Solar Energy Solutions’ first choice for solar energy storage is the Tesla Powerwall, but we also have years of expertise in designing installing and maintaining fully off-grid systems using classic battery setups. Our battery designs can provide partial or whole-home energy when the grid is down due to utility failure or severe weather events.

Storing Solar Energy – Grid Connected

When grid connected (grid-tied) energy produced by a solar array on a home or business is not immediately used by the building it is sent out onto the grid through a net meter. Net metering energy allows customers to push power to the grid when they don’t need it, pull power when they do and only pay the net difference between the two.

In a net metered solar energy system, the array is designed to shut down or when the grid goes down to prevent energy from going onto a utility line that technicians may be working on.

You can avoid losing power during a grid outage, and meet electrical safety code by adding a battery back-up bank to a solar panel system.Backup can be via standard sealed lead/acid, AGM or GEL type batteries and associated chargers, and Sunny Island and Midnite Solar inverters and charge controllers. Solar Energy Solutions has years of experience in analyzing customers energy needs and engineering the correct and most cost effective solar and battery combination for your specific install.

Storing Solar Energy – Off Grid

If by utility limitations, desire for complete energy independence or just dollar cost savings you want to be your own power company  Solar Energy Solutions has over a decade of expertise in fully off-grid combined battery and solar systems engineering, install and maintenance.

Note that we expect Tesla Powerwall batteries will be updated to offer off-grid capability and generator charging integration in the near future.

Batteries We Use and Why

Trojan Batteries

Deep cycle flooded, gel and AGM batteries from this 1925 founded world leader leader in solar and motive batteries. Trojan manufactures batteries that are up to 99% recyclable at the end of their 8 – 10 year life.

Rolls Batteries

Producing motive, marine, and solar batteries since 1935 the Surette Battery company is North America’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer. Products carry a 7 year warranty and are available up to 1391 Ah size.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla needs little introduction as a company and SES is very proud to be their #1 Certified Powerwall Installer in the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio area. The Powerwall 2 which connects directly and simply to your AC breaker panel will give you 13.5 kW of energy per unit (up to 10 can be added) for emergency backup, evening & night-time self-consumption or Time of Day tariff cost reduction.