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Solar EV Charging

Home solar EV charging with solar just makes sense. Why run your electric vehicle on coal when you can be driving on sunshine?

The US currently has over 40,582 EV charging stations and 97,589 charging outlets*. That’s great, but nothing beats having your own place to plug in and power up at home. With gas vehicles, you always have to go to the gas stations. But with your own EV charger you power-up where you live, when you want. That way, you can always leave your house with a full ‘tank’.

Even better, if you pair solar with EV charging, you are making your own fuel from sunrise to sunset. So if you own an EV, why not combine it with your clean energy source?

Solar Energy Solutions is certified to install Tesla Home Chargers or other Level 2 charging with your solar project.


Adding an EV to Your Solar Family

Home EV Charging

Buying or leasing an EV is a significant environmental contribution. However, it does increase your household’s energy consumption. If you have solar already you may need additional panels to cover this energy. 

SES has experience designing add-on solar arrays to cover EV mileage. Or, SES can pre-designing solar systems for EV (or E-bike) addition. Typically an EV gets 3 miles/kWh and will drive 7000 miles per year. That would translate to needing 2,500 kWh/yr. extra production or an add on 2.2 kW panel add-on.

Tesla Home Chargers

Fill up where you live. Just plug in overnight and wake up to a full charge. Tesla recommends a 60A circuit breaker linked Wall Connector that will cover all Model 3, S, and X vehicles. For a Model 3, this will allow you to add 44 miles of range per hour of charging. For Model S it adds 34 miles and 30 miles for the Model X. You can even watch your car charging via the Tesla App!

Tesla & Tesla Wall Charger

Solar Integrated EV Charging

Solar Energy Solutions also makes it easy to combine PV with car charging. SolarEdge, the #1 US inverter manufacturer, offers their residential HD inverters solar inverter with Level 2+ car charging. No more need for a separate solar inverter and EV charger!

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