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SUNPOWER Solar Panels


Solar Energy Solutions is proud to be a SunPower Authorized Dealer, which means we can offer the most durable, highest efficiency panel on the market to our customers.

SunPower panels are the top-of-the-line solar panels, giving homeowners more energy from less space and more energy over the life of the panel. Why do they deliver more power over their life? Because SunPower panels are the highest efficiency panel available in a residential solar panel today at an amazing 22.7%. That means homeowners get more electricity, more flexibility, more peace of mind, and lower electricity bills.

SunPower Advantages:

  • More energy from less space: Which means you can create more power in smaller spaces, with fewer panels. And, you can position them on the sunniest parts of your roof.
  • Most electricity: Simply put, SunPower X-Series panels produce more electricity than conventional panels. High efficiencies equal more energy.
  • Most flexibility: Because X-Series residential solar panels generate more electricity from a smaller area, you can expand energy production simply by using additional roof space to add more panels later.
  • Most peace of mind: More guaranteed power. SunPower offers an industry leading combined power and product warranty over 25 years.  And because they’re built on a solid copper foundation, SunPower solar cells deliver unmatched reliability over the lifetime of your solar energy system.*
  • Most beautiful: X-Series panels are offered in SunPower® Signature™ Black, designed to blend harmoniously into your roof. Built using all-black solar cells and anti-reflective glass to reduce glare, the premium aesthetics can accommodate a variety of architectural styles.

SunPower Superior Maxeon Cells

SunPower Maxeon® Cell Technology

The Maxeon® solar cell is fundamentally different from standard solar cells and dramatically better. With its unique copper foundation, the Maxeon® cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows SunPower to build solar panels with the highest efficiencies. 

We Have SUNPOWER Panels for Residential And Commercial Applications