Solar Energy Solutions

Sizing Your Solar System

What Size Solar System Does Your Home Need

One of the main things that determines the size of your solar system is the amount of power your home uses. The size of the system can also be limited by space, but the power your home uses will be the upper limit of how big you want a system to be. Also, you don’t have to cover all your electricity with solar, sometimes the space for panels limits the system size.

Regardless of what your goals for the amount of power you want to offset with solar is, knowing how much power you are using starts with your electric bill. What you’re looking for is annual or monthly kWh.

Utility bills can look different from different companies, but they will all have your electric usage on them. You are looking for the kWh and it’s important to know what the time increment is. So some bills will give you your annual kWh in one number, others will give you monthly totals for kWh and some will give you average daily kWh usage by either month or year. The best thing to do is give your solar consultant a copy of this page of the bill. They can then build a system based on your home’s unique power usage.

Be sure to let your consultant know if you plan any big electric load additions, like a hot tub, a pool, or an electric car.