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Solar Referral Program

Our thank you to our solar family.

Spread the sunshine and a little green!

At Solar Energy Solutions we strive to install the highest quality solar energy systems for our customers that meet their unique goals and energy needs.  So, when a customer is so happy with the quality and workmanship of their installation that they feel comfortable recommending us to their family and friends we are truly honored and grateful.  

As a thank you to customers who recommend us, we have a Customer Referral Bonus Program.  

Here’s how it works:

  • For every residential customer referred to us, who installs a solar system or battery storage system for existing solar (2 Tesla Powerwalls or greater), we give a thank you bonus check of $300 to the referring SES customer.

  • For every small business or farm referred to us, that installs a solar system of 25kW or larger, we give a thank you bonus check of $750 to the referring SES customer*.

How to Qualify:

  • To qualify, call or email your Solar Consultant and give them the name and address of the person you referred to us.  They will add that information to our database with a referral note attached.  If you would like your Solar Consultant to reach out to the person or business you are referring, you may also provide contact information.  
  • Or, call our main office at 877-312-7456 and give the same information to our Office Manager.  The information will be entered, with the referral note, into our database.
  • Or, ask the person you are referring to mention who they were referred by.

You will receive your Referral Bonus approximately 6 – 8 weeks after the installation has been completed and all project paperwork, inspections, etc. are final.  To inquire about a referral, please contact your Solar Consultant or our Office Manager.

* Business or farm systems that are smaller than 25kW will qualify for the $300 bonus.

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