Solar Energy Solutions

System Types & Battery

Solar System Types Depend on Your Goals

Depending on your goals for solar power, there are 3 main system types to understand. Those types are grid-tied (grid connected) systems, grid-tied with battery backup systems, and off-grid systems.

Adding a Battery to a Grid-Tied System

A solar battery is an option that you can add to a home solar system to be able to save some of the electricity that your solar system produces. That power that wasn’t used during the day can be used at night or during a power outage. Solar systems that don’t have batteries attached to them are designed to shut down automatically if the grid isn’t detected. This is a safety precaution to protect lines worker that may be working on power lines to restore power.

Batteries like the Tesla Powerwall can be added to most solar systems to provide backup electricity. It’s really just like a generator, but uses stored solar electricity instead of running on natural gas or propane.

Tesla Powerwall is an amazing solar battery that has lots of great feature if you want to use more of you own solar power or you want power during an outage. A solar system with a battery that is also connected to the grid is called a ‘battery backed, grid tied system’. Learn about the different types of solar systems next.