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Things to Consider When You Have A Solar System

Spring has definitely sprung with all the wonderful flowers, new leaves, warmer temperature, and also the potential for some unpredictable weather.  That warm air brings with it the possibility of strong thunderstorms and even tornadoes.  Solar alone won’t keep the lights on for you, you need to used stored energy or a generator for power when the grid is down.  

Grid-tied solar energy systems, because they can push energy that your house isn’t using out to the power grid, have to shut down when the grid shuts down.  It’s a very important safety precaution for the men and women working on the lines to restore power.  If unexpected electricity was pushed into the lines, those lines workers could be seriously injured or even killed.

Because of this precaution, solar owners that want to have power during a utility outage will need to either have a generator or a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall.

While a solar battery like Tesla Powerwall may be more expensive on the surface than a traditional battery, or generator you need to factor in the fuel costs over many years when making the comparison.  Generators run on either gas or propane.  The fuel for a solar battery shines down on us most days for free ;-).

With a solar battery any extra power your solar system generates during the day is saved in the battery before being sent to the grid.  You can use some of that extra power from the day at night and decide how much energy you always want to have in reserve for the an outage. The Powerwall even tracks the weather and if severe weather is forecasted, it will save as much energy as possible until the threat has passed.  

SES is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.  Learn more about the Tesla Powerwall on the SES website (here) and request a quote to find out about Powerwall for your home solar today.

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