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Powerwall Availability Picking Up! Reserve Now

Tesla Powerwall and Backup Gateway

We are starting to see Tesla Powerwall deliveries pick up in the last few weeks and we are cautiously optimistic that this will continue.  We are working closely with Tesla to get updates on battery production and to communicate the demand we are seeing for Powerwall across all the areas we serve.  If you are considering adding Powerwall to an existing system, request a quote from us today and if you decide that Tesla Powerwall is right for you, you can reserve your place in the queue with a small refundable down payment. We are installing Powerwall on a first come first served basis until supply catches up with demand.

If you are considering solar plus Powerwall, we can install your solar system along with the backup gateway (which is the brains of the Powerwall) and do all the pre-wiring for the Powerwall at the same time.  That way, when your Powerwall arrives, it’s a quick ‘plug-n-play’ installation.

Powerwall is a great way to use more of your solar power at night and during rainy days and a perfect way to minimize the amount of power that you’re sending out to the grid when your solar system is producing more power than you need.  This is especially useful in areas where the credit the utility will give you is less than equal to what you pay for their power.  Talk to one of our specialists today!

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