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Tesla Solar Panels

A Perfect Addition to Any Roof
Powerfully Beautiful Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels are arriving at SES early in 2021 and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  These panels are an absolutely beautiful addition to your roof.  They are super sleek with no visible grid lines or clamps, have minimal gaps between modules and a reduced profile so they virtually blend into the roof. To complete the picture a bottom skirt hides all the support and wiring systems resulting in a true work of art that makes the most of your clean energy investment. An investment in a solar panel that is covered by a class leading 25-year energy AND materials warranty, not the regular 10-years!

Benefits of Tesla’s Proprietary Racking System

Tesla Solar Panels dispense with traditional racking and rail instead using proprietary Zep mounting pucks to support clamps that key invisibly into the module sides. These together with module to module locking spans use the frame itself to provide a durable and very rigid array structure. The result is greater wind and weather resistance, a reduced roof weighting and importantly up to 30% less penetrations in the roof.

Low Profile Mounting

Beauty, practicality and curb appeal that will not just cover your energy needs for decades to come but add tangible value to your home.

One thing to consider: this panel system works best with large open areas of roof. Obstructions, such as roof and pipe vents may need to be relocated. Our Solar Consultants are highly skilled in looking at a roof via satellite imagery and advising on any design and placement issues. A site visit is always needed to get the most accurate information from the roof, about your electrics and for shading readings to be taken to accurately determine the projected power output from any roof.

Solar Energy Solutions has been a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer since 2018 and is unique in now being able to design, install and maintain Tesla Solar Panels in the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio area. Request a quote from us today.