Solar Energy Solutions

Tesla Solar Panels

Why Tesla?

Tesla solar panels arrived at SES in 2021. These panels are sleek, have no visible grid lines or clamps, contain minimal gaps between modules, and virtually blend into the roof. Even better, these panels are an investment that’s covered by leading edge 25-year energy and materials warranties.

Tesla’s Racking System

Tesla solar panels use Zep mounting pucks to support clamps that key invisibly into the sides of a solar module. These pucks, along with module-to-module locking spans, use the frame itself to provide a durable array structure. The result is greater wind and weather resistance, a reduced roof weighting, and 30% less roof penetration.

Tesla’s Low-Profile Mounting

Tesla’s low-profile mounting provides beauty, practicality and curb appeal that will not just cover your energy needs for decades to come, but also add tangible value to your home. While this panel system works best with large, open areas of roof, our solar consultants are highly skilled in advising customers on design and placement solutions.