Start ‘Driving on Sunshine’ by Charging your EV with Solar

*** Update GM ups spending on EV and and autonomous vehicles by 30% to $35 billion by 2025 on higher profits – CNBC**

Driving an EV is much better for the environment than an internal combustion engine even when grid energy is used for charging.  In particular, driving an EV reduces particulate matter in the air.  These are the super fine particles of pollution that a car engine expels through exhaust, which we breath into our lungs anytime a car drives by us or in our garages where those exhaust fumes are trapped. When you’re charge your electric car with solar power your car is that much greener.

Taking the environmental benefits to the next level with solar

  • Installing a solar system at your house, offsets your fossil fuel generated electricity with clean electricity and lets you charge with solar power when the sun is shining and offset charging at night, with any excess generation during the day that is fed to the grid through net metering.
  • Or installing a solar battery along with solar allows you to offset even more by using your own solar power at night.

Click below to watch a webinar all about how you can be driving on sunshine.

SES’s own Julie Jones, co-presented on the ‘How to Drive on Sunshine’ webinar with the Chair of the Cincinnati Electric Cincinnati club during Earth Week 2021.  Watch the webinar here to learn more.

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