Solar Installations in Indiana

Indiana can be a great state for solar energy! Homeowners and businesses benefit from cleaner power and greater energy security by installing solar energy systems.

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Solar Energy Solutions is the best solar installer near you in Indianapolis, Evansville, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business since 2006 and are one of the oldest and most experienced solar companies in Indiana. We are the local expert you can count on for honest, straightforward solar panel installation and exceptional customer service.

Installing solar panels in Indiana is one of the only ways to own your power generation. Solar panels use light from the sun to produce electricity for your home or business onsite, so you can generate your own power and buy less from your utility. 

At Solar Energy Solutions, we design custom solar energy systems to maximize your savings and benefits. Because most Indiana utilities don’t offer good net metering value (the amount the utility will give you for sending excess power to the electric grid) we design our systems to minimize over-generation or pair them with solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall 3 so you can store the excess power your panels produce and use it yourself instead of exporting it to the grid. A few smaller utilities do offer good value, those are Boone REMC, Tipmont REMC, Ninestar, and anyone in an IMPA member community.

Solar electricity gets you away from your utility and gives you access to clean, affordable power for your home or business.   

Solar Energy Solutions install top-quality solar panels and batteries from leading manufacturers, including Panasonic, Silfab, and more, and we are proud to be Tesla Energy Certified. We install Tesla Powerwall 3, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Solar Roof. We design and engineer custom systems to meet your needs. Call us for: 


How much it costs to install solar panels can vary significantly depending on how much power you want to produce and what solar products you choose. But solar costs have been dropping steadily for years and installing solar panels is more affordable now than it’s been in the past, especially when you take advantage of solar incentives like the federal solar tax credit. 

The federal solar tax credit—also known as the Inflation Reduction Act solar tax credit or the investment tax credit—reduces your federal income tax liability by 30% of your solar installation costs. Homeowners and businesses can claim the credit for solar panel and battery installation in Indiana. 

Many small business solar projects and agriculture projects in Indiana are eligible for additional savings on top of the solar tax credit. The USDA Reap program provides grants worth up to 50% of your total eligible project costs, which include solar battery storage. This is a huge incentive that can significantly reduce your commercial solar installation costs. 

These are just a few of the solar incentives available! Learn more about residential solar incentives and commercial solar incentives in Indiana. 


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We offer excellent residential solar financing options and can help commercial customers take advantage of PACE financing, USDA REAP grants, and federal MACRS depreciation.

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