Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage gives you backup power during an outage so you can keep your family safe and comfortable until the power comes back on. 

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Solar Energy Solutions installs battery storage systems for residential and commercial use. We are a certified Tesla solar battery installer, and the Tesla Powerwall 3 is our first choice for solar energy storage. We also have years of expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining fully off-grid systems using classic battery setups. Our battery designs give you access to solar power 24/7 and can provide partial or whole-home energy when the grid is down due to utility failure or severe weather events.

How Do Solar Batteries Work? 

Solar batteries store extra solar power that is generated during the day for later use. The energy stored in your solar battery can be used to power your home at night when there isn’t sunlight available, or during a power outage. 

Without battery storage, your solar panels won’t work during a power outage. Solar energy systems are designed with a safety feature that automatically turns the system off during a power outage. This safety feature prevents solar electricity from flowing into the grid and harming utility workers during a power outage. By adding a battery, your solar panels can temporarily disconnect from the grid during a power outage and stay on, allowing you to generate and store power for the duration of the outage. 

The Best Solar Batteries for Your Home or Business 

Solar Energy Solutions installs solar batteries from leading manufacturers, including Tesla and FranklinWH. We take pride in offering our customers the highest-quality solar products available and these are the best options for reliable, safe, and efficient solar energy storage. 

Tesla Powerwall – Residential Solar Battery Storage 

Tesla Powerwall is a revolutionary solar battery storage system for new residential solar-plus-battery systems and also as an add-on to existing residential solar systems. Solar Energy Solutions installs all Tesla Powerwall solar batteries, including the new Tesla Powerwall 3. Tesla Powerwall 3 is the most advanced solar battery on the market with a fully integrated inverter and powerful backup capabilities.

Benefits of Tesla Powerwall Batteries 

With Tesla Powerwall batteries, you can: 

  • Access the free, abundant power of the sun during the day and at night 
  • Keep your power on during a grid outage 
  • Use less grid power and save more on your electric bills 
  • Control your battery system with the Tesla app
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels even more than solar alone  
  • Allows for seamless integration of backup generators 

Tesla Powerwall batteries come with a 10-year warranty.

How Tesla Powerwall Works 

Tesla Powerwall saves solar energy generated during the day for later use. The extra energy your solar panels produce during the day charges your battery. Then, you use that stored energy when your solar panels aren’t producing as much, like at night, or during a power outage. When you need backup power, the battery will automatically take over and keep your essentials running. It’s that easy.

The Tesla Powerwall mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, for a beautiful, sleek installation.

Tesla Megapack – Commercial Solar Battery Storage 

Megapack is Tesla’s commercial and utility energy storage battery system. Tesla Megapack allows commercial businesses, governments, schools, and other large-scale facilities to take control of their energy costs in much the same way Powerwall does for homeowners. Megapack integrates with large commercial solar energy systems to store extra energy. That stored energy can be used to build energy loads when demand and demand charges are high.

Benefits of Tesla Megapack Commercial Energy Storage 

There are many benefits to Tesla Megapack installation for your business or organization

  • Reduce peak demand charges
  • New revenue streams generated from grid services and demand response programs
  • Maximize consumption of on-site renewable power
  • Reliable and instantaneous backup power during a grid outage
  • Secure and predictable long-term energy rates

How Tesla Megapack Works 

Tesla Megapack is a fully integrated AC-connected energy storage system, which includes Lithium-ion battery units, bidirectional inverters, and monitoring and control software. The system is designed to be modular and scalable from 100 kWh or greater. 

FranklinWH – Residential Solar Battery Storage 

FranklinWH manufactures solar energy storage systems that help you take control of your own energy freedom. They are a research-based company that aims to simplify solar energy storage. The batteries they design are easy to install, operate, and maintain.  

Benefits of FranklinWH Solar Batteries 

  • Use clean and affordable solar power 24/7 
  • Manage energy consumption to avoid peak rates 
  • Get reliable backup power during an outage 
  • Take full advantage of your solar energy system 
  • Monitor and control your battery via the FranklinWH app 

FranklinWH solar batteries are backed by a 12-year warranty. 

Solar Battery Incentives 

Solar incentives and financing can help you save on your solar battery installation. The federal solar tax credit applies to battery storage so you can save 30% on your total solar panel and battery installation costs! To be eligible for the tax credit, your solar battery must have a capacity rating of 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or greater. We will help you choose an eligible battery that makes sense for your home or business so you can take advantage of tax benefits. 

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