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How many jobs is the Inflation Reduction Act spurring? A lot

“A new analysis finds 400,000-plus jobs will be created from the 210 EV, battery and clean energy projects launched since the climate law passed.”

Chart: The US installed more solar in 2023 than ever before

Canary Media reports that nearly 33 gigawatts of solar will have been installed in the United States in 2023!

New investment firm aims to scale up urgently needed battery materials

“Kinterra Capital has raised a $565 million private equity fund dedicated to investing in new mines and processing plants to supply battery and EV factories.”

Purposeful, Proactive Growth: Navigating Long-Term Challenges in the Solar and Storage Industry

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) charts the path towards achieving our 2030 goals for energy generation.

Portugal just ran on 100% renewables for six days in a row

“For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.”

Henrico’s Bright Future in Solar Energy

Henrico County, Virginia shows how solar is transforming their community.

Harvesting Sunshine: Solar is America’s Newest Cash Crop

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) dives into the benefits of bringing solar to your farm!

Why Michigan’s Clean Energy Bill Is a Really Big Deal

We work in Illinois and hope to see more states like Michigan in the Midwest and Southeast adopt similar measures. These programs, like the one in Illinois, make solar more affordable for consumers and increase their lifetime savings. These programs also make it easier for people to take control of future energy costs and speed up the decarbonization of our power supply.

Nearly 90% Of Americans Are Happy That They Installed Solar Panels On Their Homes

Forbes reports on their latest survey that found that 90% of Americans are satisfied with their solar panels.

Chart: The world is approaching a peak in electricity emissions

“Electricity production is the biggest source of CO2 emissions in the world, but a new report suggests the grid’s dirtiest days will soon be behind it.”

World shift to clean energy is unstoppable, IEA report says

BBC breaks down the International Energy Agency’s new report that predicts that half of the world’s power will come from renewables by 2030.

Rooftop Solar is about to get a lot more popular, thanks to rising electricity rates.

Dan Gearino shares how rising electricity costs in the US are causing more and more homeowners to make the switch to solar.

Energy Department announces $325M for batteries that can store clean electricity longer.

The Associated Press talks about the Energy Department’s new investment in battery types and how that investment is beneficial for the country.

Clean Energy in Your Community: Solar Powers America’s Hospitals, Churches, and Rec Centers

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) takes you across the country to demonstrate how local community centers are making the switch to solar and energy storage.

US energy storage capacity additions rise 161% in Q2, set new record: report

The U.S. energy storage industry added a record 5,597 MWh in the second quarter of this year, reversing two quarters of declining growth.

White House launches clean energy youth workforce program amid labor shortage concerns

“The American Climate Corps aims to put more than 20,000 people to work in its first year, in clean energy, conservation and climate resilience.”

Solar Advocacy: OH community solar bill introduced!

“Ohio State Representatives introduced a Community Solar Pilot program in the Ohio State House!! If passed, House Bill 197 will create Ohio’s first Community Solar Pilot Program. For the first time, solar power would be available for renters, condos, townhomes, and most small to medium size businesses who cannot install rooftop solar. Every Ohioan deserves clean renewable solar energy. The Community Solar Pilot program makes that possible.”

Another US EV-battery recycler just raised a massive funding round

“Ascend Elements has raised $542 million to take its plans to recycle lithium-ion batteries to the next level. The investment round announced Wednesday will support building a factory in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where Ascend will process the “black mass” derived from slicing and sorting old lithium-ion batteries into precursor cathode active materials (pCAM) and cathode active materials (CAM).”

US solar installations expected to jump 52% to nearly 32 GW in 2023: SEIA

“U.S. solar installations are booming, with nearly 32 GW of capacity expected to come online this year even as supply chain and other challenges persist, according to the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight report released Thursday by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie.”

Chart: Renewables are on track to keep getting cheaper and cheaper

“A new report says that ongoing improvements in solar and wind tech will keep driving steep cost declines that make them even more competitive against fossil fuels.”

Chart: Global renewables deployments to hit record levels in 2023

“New IEA figures show the industry is bouncing back from pandemic-related delays and supply-chain woes, thanks in large part to onshore wind growth.”

The US climate law is fueling a factory frenzy. Here’s the latest tally

“What has taken place as a result of and since the Inflation Reduction Act can simply not be overstated,” said Aaron Brickman, senior principal in the U.S. program of clean energy think tank RMI. “The United States is effectively now the most attractive destination for global capital in clean energy and cleantech.”

Maxeon looks to bring solar manufacturing back home with $1B US factory

Solar Energy Solutions, a trusted SunPower Certified Installer, is thrilled about this recent announcement of Maxeon’s plans to establish a cutting-edge solar panel manufacturing facility in the United States, backed by a substantial 1 Billion dollar investment. As a company dedicated to promoting clean energy adoption, Solar Energy Solutions is excited about the potential of more US-manufactured panels to elevate the accessibility and efficiency of solar solutions, driving us closer to a greener future for all.

A community solar boom will test Xcel, other utility plans against developer, customer needs: analysts

“New federal and state supports for community solar and new efforts at cooperation between utilities and community solar developers can increase affordability, system reliability and clean energy access for all electricity customers, analysts report.”

Tesla alum aims to build the power company of the future

Renting out your battery storage could be in the future, which would mean that battery storage could provide more than just back up, they could provide a small amount of income. A start-up in Texas is going to give it a go.

Community solar legislation introduced in Ohio

This bill could allow up to 300,000 homes to use solar power at a 10-20% savings and take advantage of brownfield sites that offer more incentives.

Another major utility is accelerating its transition to renewables

“Michigan’s DTE Energy has announced a plan to spend $11 billion on clean energy construction and close its remaining coal plants sooner.”

CNET’s Best Solar Inverters of July 2023

Solar Energy Solutions is proud to say we carry CNET’s Top 3 Solar Inverters of July 2023!

Public Comment on New Gas

Retiring coal plants are great, but let the Public Services Commission know that solar is better than gas for our future.

New York City is getting its biggest battery system yet

“Con Edison said it’s about to begin operating a 7.5 MW battery system in Staten Island as New York grapples with grid reliability concerns and rising power demand.”

U.S Solar Market Registers Best First Quarter in Industry History as Supply Chains Stabilize and Inflation Reduction Act Takes Hold

“The U.S. solar industry installed 6.1 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity and had its best first quarter in history, according to the US Solar Market Insight Q2 2023 report…”

DOE announces $192M for battery recycling, says lithium storage market could grow tenfold by 2030

“The lithium battery market could grow ten-fold by 2030, driven by growing adoption of electric vehicles and a need for stationary energy storage, the agency said.”

Clean Energy Investment Continues to Widen Lead Over Fossil Fuels

“As the global transition away from fossil fuels accelerates, the gap between investment in clean energy technologies and fossil fuels continues to grow.”

National Retailer to Save Hundreds of Thousands in Energy Costs Each Year with Two Massive 5 MW Rooftop Solar Arrays

“A national retailer with thousands of locations and 45,000+ employees chooses Solar Energy Solutions for solar arrays at two distribution centers.”

2023 Global Solar Investment Projected to Overtake Oil for the First Time

Solar is just a good investment, it really allows you inflation proof you energy costs from 25+ years, for both home owners and businesses.

Renewable energy surges, driven by solar boom and high fuel prices, report finds

“The International Energy Agency said high fossil fuel prices — resulting from Russia’s attack on Ukraine — and concerns about energy security had boosted the rollout of solar and wind power installations, which are expected to reach 440 gigawatts in 2023.”

Rural electricity is getting its biggest boost since FDR — here’s how.

“America’s rural electric cooperatives, the member-owned and -operated entities that bring power to 42 million people and cover more than half the country, will soon get their biggest jolt of federal funding since the New Deal law that created them in the first place.”

Solar Energy Solutions Installs Multiple Solar Arrays for City of Valapariso

In this photo, Solar Energy Solutions’ Commercial Team Leader, Robert McCoy, is joined by the mayor and other individuals at the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 25th, held at City Hall in Valparaiso, Indiana. Solar Energy Solutions installed 422 kW of solar (779 panels) at five different locations, providing clean power and energy savings for the city. The mayor expressed his pride in the installations and spoke about the significant impact they will have on the community. These installations are expected to generate approximately 14,950 MWh of electricity over the guaranteed lifespan of the panels, which is 30 years.

Drone photo of solar panel installation

USA’s Best Looking Solar Panels- Silfab Elite- Now on Rooftops

We are thrilled to be one of the first to install the new Silfab Elite PV modules. They are beautiful and American-made, making them a win-win for our customers.

Long Popular in Asia, Floating Solar Catches on in US

Floating solar is a new idea in the US – it could help municipalities with water reservoirs to produce affordable power and slow evaporation loss. 

Municipal Utility in Franklin County, KY, to Provide Solar Power Option to Rate Payers Through Community Solar Project

This Community Solar project will allow individuals, businesses, or organizations to buy or subscribe to a “share” of the community solar array. In this project phase, Solar Energy Solutions will install a grid-tied 187 kW ground-mounted solar array that will generate more than 235,000 kWh in the first year.

Span snags $96M to become a ‘Swiss Army knife’ for electric homes

Span, a smart-electric-panel startup, is looking to expand their services to become the, “Swiss Army knife” of home electrification.

Tesla’s battery-storage sales are growing way faster than EV sales

“[Tesla] shipped 3.9 gigawatt-hours of battery packs in Q1, including its utility-scale Megapacks and home-storage Powerwalls. That’s a startling 360 percent jump compared to a year prior.”

Google’s latest climate plan? Skip grid backlog, mimic community solar

On Monday, Google and EDPR North America released a new approach to overcoming their challenges to going solar and, “what some are calling ‘synthetic’ community solar.”

This NASA tech might just spur a major grid battery breakthrough

EnerVenue, a company that manufactures batteries to store renewable energy, took nickel-hydrogen technology that was developed by NASA to store energy on the International Space Station and Hubble Telescope and modified it to be a better fit for the market. While much testing still needs to be done, EnerVenue plans to build a factory in Kentucky with construction scheduled to begin by the end of this year.

Maryland Can Build More Than 3,500 MW of energy storage by 2033: report

Synapse Energy Economics, for American Clean Power, released a report that states that Maryland could reduce emissions by 93% by 2033 with over 3,500 MW of energy stored, with 51% of that energy coming from solar.

US Energy Storage Needs National Standards and Regulations to Thrive Amid Clean Energy Transition: GAO

At the end of March, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report that outlines a few of the challenges that come with energy storage, as well as a plan to boost availability and use.

What to Know If You’re Considering Solar Panels in Kentucky

Read as CNET breaks down the cost of solar panels, incentives/rebates, installation factors, and solar companies to consider.

IRS Provides Guidance on ‘Energy Community’ Bonus Credit in IRA

“The Department of Treasury has issued eligibility requirements for ‘energy communities’ seeking a 10% ITC or PTC adder via the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).”

Residential Solar Installers Share Their Best On-the-Job Tips

Solar Power World interviewed solar installers from Alaska to Maine and asked them for their favorite on-the-job tips and tricks.

Proof That Solar Panels Can Be Recycled

SolarCycle, a startup in Odessa, Texas, built a factory to test their process of recycling solar panels. Their goal is to recover 95% of the valuable material in the panels and do so at an industrial scale. Watch the video below to learn more about how the renewable energy industry is evolving.

Lexington Launches Program to Encourage Solar Power

WKYT visited our Lexington office this week to chat with our VP of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Nazarko, and one of our sales representatives, River Fuchs, to discuss Solarize Lexington. Solarize Lexington is a program dedicated to expanding access to solar power in and around Lexington.

Lexington Launches Program to Encourage Solar Power

The Lexington-Fayette County Government, with the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, have launched Solarize Lexington, a program that seeks to provide their local community with greater access to solar energy for their home, small business, or place of worship.

Bank Failures Won’t Affect Community Solar

“In the wake of Friday’s collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, some media coverage has focused on the threat it poses to the community-solar industry.”

There’s a Push Underway to Help More US Farms Save Big with Clean Energy.

Big changes potentially coming to REAP, the Rural Energy for America Program, to help broaden the program and reduce application barriers for smaller farms.

Learn more about solar for farms

Learn more about REAP

Cloverleaf Office Building In Indianapolis Fighting Rising Energy Costs with Solar Generation and Battery Storage

Solar Energy Solutions recently finished installing a 131 KW rooftop solar system, projected to save Cloverleaf Park LLC 66% on electric utility costs and pay for itself in less than six years.

Lexington Fire Station #21 Running On Sunshine

Projects like the Fire Station can help them to direct more of their budgets to saving lives and property away from utility expenses, which is a win for everyone.” Jeffrey Nazarko, vice president of sales & marketing at SES.

TARC Installing Large-Scale Solar Energy System at Headquarters

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Transit Authority River City (TARC) plans to go green at its headquarters.
Solar Energy Solutions (SES) put a large solar energy system on TARC’s headquarters on West Broadway in …

Louisville Solar Program Building Momentum

“We intend to make going solar easy for residents and businesses and we do that by not only allowing people to band together to access a wholesale rate, but we also vet the solar installer,” said Sumedha Rao, Louisville Metro sustainability specialist.

Louisville Metro Launches ‘Solar Over Louisville’ Campaign for Solar Panels.

“It’s currently a 12-19% discount that’s being offered through solar energy solutions,” Sumedha Rao, a Louisville Metro sustainability specialist, said. “The second thing that we do is that we get an installer so residents and businesses don’t have to go through that hassle themselves.”

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