Solar Panel Types & Options 

Solar electricity is now the cheapest, cleanest, and longest-lasting energy source available.

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Over the past ten years, typical solar panel efficiencies have risen by 25% while installation costs have dropped significantly. Solar panels have become so long-lasting and efficient that most carry a 25-year or longer energy output warranty! 

Solar Energy Solutions designs custom residential and commercial solar energy systems tailored to your specific needs. We’ll walk you through all the options available and help you make the best choice for your home or business. 

Types of Solar Panel Systems  

When you consider installing solar panels with Solar Energy Solutions, you have three main options; grid-tied (utility-connected) solar panels, grid-tied solar panels with battery backup, and off-grid solar panels. 

Grid-Tied Solar Systems  

If your main goal with solar electricity is to save money on your electric bills, then a grid-tied PV system is the way to go. 

Grid-tied solar systems are connected to the electric grid, allowing you to send extra solar power your home isn’t using to the grid and pull power from the grid when your solar panels are not producing enough. A solar incentive system called net metering allows you to earn credit for the power you send to the grid so you can offset the cost of the power you buy from the grid. 

Solar Energy Solutions has worked with all the regional utility companies for years, and we do all the interconnection legwork for you. Our installations include all fees and documentation required by the utility company and all permits, inspection costs, and supervision to make your installation as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Grid-Tied Solar with Battery Backup (Hybrid Systems)

Hybrid solar panel systems connect to the electric grid and function like a regular grid-tied solar system most of the time. But they also have solar battery systems that allow them to store excess solar power for later use. The stored energy can be used at any time and allows you to power your home with solar at night, on a cloudy day, or during a power outage. 

If your utility does not offer net metering or the net metering compensation is not attractive, battery storage may be the best option for you. Batteries allow you to use more of the solar electricity you produce by giving you a way to store the excess so you don’t have to send it to the electric grid. 

Few solar installers have the level of experience with battery storage design and engineering as Solar Energy Solutions. We are a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, in addition to our experience with classic batteries. Our expertise covers everything from old-school flooded cell batteries to the Tesla Powerwall 3; no matter the situation, we can find the right solution to add to your new or existing solar array. 

Off-Grid Solar Systems   

Off-grid solar power systems have no connection to the utility grid. They generate 100% of the power you need so you can live fully off the grid. Because they can’t use the grid for backup power, off-grid systems need a battery bank and backup generator to ensure no loss of power.

For remote homes, cabins, workshops, agricultural locations, or any structures beyond the reach of the grid, off-grid systems are a good option. These systems are usually in locations where connecting to the grid would be prohibitively expensive. 

Engineering off-grid solar is a unique technical skill set requiring careful analysis of the home’s energy usage patterns. Those patterns are then translated into the system design to ensure sufficient energy is available in even the worst months of the year by storing that reserve in reliable and easily managed battery banks. Solar Energy Solutions has the engineering expertise required to install off-grid solar systems. 

We Install The Best Solar Panels for Your Home 

We have carefully selected our tier-one solar panel suppliers based on a detailed review of long-term performance, quality, financial stability, and innovation. We source solar panels from a limited number of the top global manufacturers.

Many other solar companies neglect to reveal what module you will get before installation. We are transparent about the products we install and are proud to bring you the best solar panels from manufacturers in the US and worldwide.  

Silfab Solar Panels  

Silfab is North America’s leading solar manufacturer leveraging over 40 years of solar manufacturing experience. Silfab solar panels deliver maximum power and long-term reliability and are backed by one of the most trusted warranties in the industry.

Panasonic Solar Panels 

Panasonic is one of America’s most trusted brands that has powered over a century of innovations. Panasonic solar panels feature best-in-class technology and are backed by a 25-year warranty. 

Qcells Solar Panels 

Qcell was founded in 1999 and is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the United States. Qcell solar panels are more efficient than many other types of solar panels thanks to their innovative design. They provide long-term performance and enhanced reliability. 

SunPower Solar Panels 

SunPower is renowned for its ultra-high efficiency and low degradation panels, top-tier warranties, recycling commitment, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Solar Energy Solutions has been an accredited SunPower residential and commercial dealer for many years.

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