Solar Panel Installer in Ohio

Ohio is the 7th most populated state in the country, which means we use a lot of power!

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By switching to solar energy, you can help Ohio embrace clean, renewable energy that strengthens our grid and supports a sustainable future. You’ll also save money on your electricity bills for decades, protect yourself against rising energy costs, and qualify for tax incentives like the federal solar tax credit.

Ready to make the switch? Solar Energy Solutions can help. We are a local Ohio solar company that’s been in business since 2006 and installed more than 2,500 solar energy systems. Our extensive experience and local expertise make us one of the best solar companies in Ohio for both residential and commercial solar installation.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Ohio

Solar panels have many benefits for Ohio homeowners and businesses. 

  • Electric bill savings: Solar panels can reduce or even eliminate your electricity costs. They also lock you in at a lower electricity rate so you can avoid rising costs. 
  • Incentives: Ohio solar panel installation qualifies for incentives like the 30% federal solar tax credit. 
  • Optional backup power: Solar panels with battery storage give you backup power during an outage. 
  • Property value: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home or commercial building.  
  • Energy independence: Solar panels reduce your reliance on your utility company and make you more self-sufficient. 
  • Carbon footprint: Solar energy is good for the environment and will reduce your carbon footprint for your home, business, and charging your EV

Solar panels last for a minimum of 25 years and provide long-term financial benefits. They are the best investment you can make now to keep your energy costs low for decades to come. Start your solar journey today with a free assessment from Solar Energy Solutions. 

Why Choose Solar Energy Solutions?

Top-Tier Solar Panels & Products 

Your solar energy system is only as good as its individual components. We have evaluated dozens of solar products based on performance, durability, aesthetics, and cost and only install products that have met our rigorous standards. Some of the products we install include Silfab solar panels, which are designed and engineered specifically for the North American climate, and Tesla Powerwall 3

Certified Solar Installers 

A high-quality installation is the key to successful solar energy generation. Solar Energy Solutions doesn’t take any risks when it comes to your solar installation. All of our installers are in-house employees, not subcontractors, which allows us to uphold high standards. We have seven NABCEP-certified solar installers on our team, and we are Tesla Energy Certified. 

Custom Solar Energy Solutions 

Everyone uses energy differently, which is why we design custom solar solutions. Your solar panel installation will start with an in-depth evaluation of your home or building’s electrical usage and solar viability. We’ll consider how much electricity you currently use and how much you may need in the future as well as how much roof or ground space you have and how much sunlight you receive. Armed with these details, we’ll design a custom solar power system that’s tailored to your needs. 

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