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Now is a perfect time to invest in solar energy in Richmond! The local solar experts at Solar Energy Solutions can get you started with your own solar installation for your home, business, school or farm.

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There’s a long history of independence here in Richmond, Virginia. In 1775, Founding Father Patrick Henry famously declared, “Give me liberty or give me death!” at St. John’s Church in Richmond.

It’s been a long time since those now-infamous words were spoken, but their spirit has prevailed among Virginians. Today, more and more Virginia residents are seizing a different kind of liberty for themselves with home solar panels. 

Solar panels give you freedom from your utility company and put you in control of your own power production, so you don’t have to rely on anyone else for one of the most important resources in modern life—electricity. Solar Energy Solutions is the leading local solar installer in Richmond, VA, and we make it easy to make the switch. 

Home Solar Panel Installation in Richmond, VA  

Solar Energy Solutions is a locally owned and operated home solar installation company in Richmond, VA, with over 17 years of experience installing residential solar panels. Unlike many other residential solar companies in Richmond, VA, we are a truly local company with local management that is easy to reach if you have questions or concerns about your project. 

We can help with: 

We install premium products, including Tesla Powerwall 3 solar batteries and American-made solar panels. Our solar engineers will design a custom solar power system around your needs to maximize your savings and energy security. 

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Richmond, VA 

Installing commercial solar panels cuts overhead costs and saves businesses money! If your business or nonprofit organization is still paying the full retail rate for electricity, call Solar Energy Solutions to find out how much you could save with commercial solar panels. We have over 17 years of experience and have installed solar panels for businesses and organizations of all types, including: 

We also install battery storage systems that are designed specifically for commercial use, including the Tesla Megapack. Solar battery storage will give you emergency backup power during a grid outage so you can keep your essentials running, preventing waste and downtime. 

Virginia Solar Incentives & Financing 

Solar Energy Solutions can help you find a solar solution that works with your budget. We offer excellent financing options and can also help you take advantage of solar incentives. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit 

The federal solar tax credit will save you 30% on your total solar panel and battery installation costs, making solar panels significantly more affordable for homeowners and businesses. 

Net Metering in Virginia 

Net metering is an agreement between you and your utility company that allows you to sell the excess electricity your solar panels produce to your utility in exchange for a credit to your account. You can use your net metering credit to pay for the electricity you buy from the grid at night or anytime your solar panels are not producing enough electricity. 

Net metering is not available in every state, but Virginia offers one of the best net metering systems in the country. With net metering in VA, you’ll be credited at the full retail rate of electricity for the solar power you send to the grid. 

Solar REAP Grants 

Agricultural businesses and rural small businesses are eligible for USDA solar REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grants worth up to 50% of the total project cost for solar panel installation and loan guarantees on loans up to 75% of total eligible project costs. You can stack REAP incentives with the 30% federal solar tax credit for huge savings! 

Your Trusted Richmond, VA Solar Installer 

Solar Energy Solutions is a family company that’s passionate about solar and committed to quality. We want to help you save money and become more secure with a solar power system that gives you total control over your electricity production. We are always here to answer your questions and are happy to offer free consultations so you can learn more about solar and whether it’s worth it for your home or business.

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