Solar installations in Illinois

Now is a perfect time to invest in solar energy in Illinois! The local solar experts at Solar Energy Solutions can get you started with your own solar installation for your home, business, school or farm.

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From homeowners and small business owners in Champaign to Peoria, and Danville you can take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy for your home or business throughout the state of Illinois. Typical household solar panel installations provide 25+ years of power with guaranteed power production. Solar electricity offers peace of mind over the wild fluctuations of energy markets and price volatility of utility-provided electricity.


Tap into local solar experts from Solar Energy Systems who can design a residential solar power plan for homeowners. Illinois families can lock in their energy costs for 25+ years with reliance on the sun’s power for everyday living. We’ve also design and build large agricultural solar systems, commercial solar arrays for businesses, and arrays for governments, and school systems that call all improve profitability and/or contribute to the bottom line.

With years of experience, our team applies solid engineering and design skills to every solar power installation we design. We are constantly evaluating solar panel technology, equipment, and scalable innovations such as EV Chargers and the Tesla Powerwall 3 to source the best combination of solar equipment that meets your specific needs. 


With our multi-state background and more than 2,500 installations to date across all locations, we’re well-informed on the benefits of solar power upgrades, from the federal tax incentives to Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs) through the Illinois Shines Program. Here’s an overview of the benefits for homeowners and businesses:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit — Also known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit, provides a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the total cost of solar panel installation and battery storage. Any remaining balance can be rolled over to the following year, and there is no cap on the amount of the credit.
  • Illinois State Property Tax Exemption for Solar – Provides an automatic tax exemption and you don’t have to apply for it. When the local tax assessor is determining your tax-assessed value of your property, they will simply not include the value of your solar power system as part of the value. 
  • Illinois Solar Net Metering – Whether you’re an Ameren or ComEd utility customer, you can benefit from net metering. This means you’ll receive a credit on your energy bill for all the excess energy your solar energy system generates and sends back to the grid, helping you to offset your electricity bills with solar. In Illinois all utility companies participate and offers the full retail rate for excess solar energy. 
  • ComEd Commercial Solar Rebate Program – Offers up to $250 per kilowatt for systems under 5,000kW. 
  • Illinois Shines — This state program pays solar customers for energy produced. Payments continue over the life of the solar installation as long as it is producing power and on average residential solar energy systems could see $10,000 or more in savings. 


As a highly agricultural state, Illinois farmers from DeKalb to Vandalia can also reap the rewards of solar energy in the present market. Solar Energy Solutions has years of experience with agricultural solar panel installation. Grants from USDA REAP programs can supplement accelerated capital depreciation (MACRS) to offset investment costs beyond federal tax credit incentives. Let our expertise help your farm take advantage of the benefits of solar energy in Illinois.

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