SB100 Will Come to Kentucky – How Does This Affect You?

What happens in Kentucky on January 1st, 2020 with SB100 in effect?

  • The Net Metering cap increases from 30 kW to 45kW
  • Utilities are free to lodge rate cases with the PSC to amend (weaken) the current 1:1 credit structure

With the passage of Kentucky SB 100, Kentucky utilities will be able to request rate cases before the Public Services Commission (PSC) starting after January 1, 2020.  Currently, solar arrays connected to the grid get a 1:1 credit for all power they send back to the utility. That means for every kilowatt-hour of electricity a residential system puts into the grid; that home can take a kilowatt-hour of power out of the grid later.  Grid-tied customers then pay only for the net amount of energy they use over a billing period.

This 1:1 exchange of energy for energy may change in 2020, but it does not go into effect immediately.  The new rate cases will have to be presented and completed before the new tariff, whatever that may be, goes into effect for each utility. Typical rate cases take at least 180 days for a decision. Until that point, current net metering arrangements stay in place.

Each utility can choose if and when it applies for a rate case. Some utility companies may move toward a rate case quickly if they feel there is a financial upside for them while other utility companies may take a year or two. Overall, it will be a complicated process:  SES will be taking an active role, as usual, in representing the solar consumer at these hearings – provided we or our industry body is given standing to intercede. Sadly, this is not a certainty!

For homeowners, this means you do have some time in early 2020, and that will last for approximately 6 months. SES will be working to keeping you updated on a utility by utility, case by case basis, so you always know where you are on this matter by utility territory.

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