Earth Day Resolutions for 2023

It’s Earth Day again, and SES is back with Earth Day resolutions you can implement at home to improve your impact on the environment. You’ll make a difference even if you only choose one or two resolutions!

Eight Earth Day Resolutions

  1. Recycling – You probably already recycle your household paper, plastic, and glass, but if you don’t, you could start now.  If you do, pick one more thing to commit to recycling, like batteries.  Look for local places that will recycle these. Alternatively, mail-in options like the Big Green Box, Battery Solutions, or TerraCycle exist.
  2. Compost your food scraps – If you have the space to compost, this is a great way to reduce what goes into trash and landfills. Learn more here.
  3. Reusables instead of disposables – Pick one reusable item to replace disposables, like a water bottle, a travel silverware kit, or glass food storage to replace plastic bags.
  4. Start growing some of your food at home- Growing your own food helps to reduce your own carbon footprint. Much of the produce we buy at the store has been shipped there from various parts of the world. Growing staple herbs/produce reduces that demand and, therefore, reduces carbon emissions. Learn more about starting your own food garden here.
  5. Establish better eco-friendly habits at home- There are a lot of habits you can develop within your own home that will benefit the environment. This includes managing your thermostat to conserve energy. Also, turning off lights when you leave a room and reducing water usage by taking shorter showers are other good habits. These will also help you to save money on your utility bills!
  6. Buy lightly used items – Need office furniture or want to try out a new hobby that needs equipment. Consider looking for a local reseller of used furniture, such as Liquidators World or others. If you’re looking at trying out sewing or word working, chances are there is good equipment out there that will also save you money. Looking for higher-end consignment shops is a great way to get fashionable clothing and furniture. You will be using natural resources more wisely and also your financial resources (bonus!).
  7. Reduce your transportation footprint- You can reduce your footprint by biking, taking public transportation, or buying an electric car. Or simply driving less by combining trips. Taking a bus or train instead of flying is also a better choice for the environment and reducing your footprint.
  8. Learn about switching to solar or adding solar batteries to your solar – Even if you’re not going to be able to convert to solar this year, learning about how solar works, what things to consider, and the costs will help you plan for the future.  Learn more about going solar for your home.

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