Lock in Your Home’s Energy Rates With a Solar Energy System

Graph from the Energy Information Administration, referenced in Energysage.com article ‘Is Residential Electricity Price Going Up or Down.

Solar is a great way to lock in what you pay for electricity over the next 25 years or more.  Utility power is always increasing and, little by little, over time that can really add up.  On the other hand, when you purchase a solar system, you are locking in what you pay for your solar power over the 25 year output warranty of the system. 

With Solar you pay one price and then the power flows to you home for decades to come as most solar arrays have 25 years guaranteed output and could put out power for 40-years or more, if looked after well.  Also, no one can add any riders or other bill increases to that power, it’s yours, you own the solar power plant on your roof or in your yard, you own the power. 

Find out how much that could save you over the years by getting a solar quote customized to your unique home and power usage.

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