November Solar Install Project Highlight – Long’s $1 and Up, Kentucky

Long’s $1 and Up installed solar with SES this summer and already they are seeing amazing savings over last year when comparing their electric bills from August, September, and October of 2019 to August, September, and October of 2020.

Long’s saved 89% on their August 2020 electricity costs over the same month in 2019. They saved 85% in September and 93% in October of 2020 over 2019 for a total of 89% saved over that three month period.

The project took advantage of REAP funding (Renewable Energy for America Program) which is available to agricultural producers and rural business.

The REAP program provides grants and loans to rural agriculture producers and rural small businesses toward the purchase, installation, and construction of renewable energy systems like solar power as well as others and energy efficiency upgrades.

The funding was arranged through MACED (Mountain Association for Community Economic Development). The Mountain Association invests in people and places in Eastern Kentucky to advance a just transition to a new economy that is more diverse, sustainable, equitable and resilient.

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