October Project Highlight – Bluegrass Integrated Communications in Kentucky

One of Solar Energy Solutions’ most recent installations in Kentucky, for Bluegrass Integrated Communication, is just down the road from our main office and warehouse.  

The installation is a 48 panel (18kW) ground mounted solar array which will cover approximately 3% of their electric usage with is about the same amount of power that 2 average US homes use in a year.  

Bill Nichols, President of Bluegrass Integrated Communication said “It’s important for us to start taking steps that will lessen our company’s personal impact on the environment. While we are just one organization, we believe it’s important for everyone to do their part and overtime all of us can make a difference. We will be adding additional arrays in the future.”

The new Bluegrass system will pay for itself in utility savings in approximately 8-9 year and the panels have a 25 output warranty and should be making power for at least 30 years to come.

“Solar power is great for the environment, it can make a significant difference to our planet…In addition to helping our environment, it is a pretty sensible investment”. – Bill Nichols.

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