The Ultimate Guide to American-Made Solar Panels

Buying US-made solar panels is good for the economy, job creation, and national energy security. Some of the highest-quality solar panels on the market are manufactured in the United States, and we’re likely to see continued growth in domestic supply chains thanks to new clean energy manufacturing incentives. 

Solar Energy Solutions is proud to install solar panels made in the USA. We offer a wide selection of residential and commercial solar panels and battery storage solutions and can help you find the right fit for your project. 

Are Any Solar Panels Manufactured in the USA? 

Historically, solar panels have been manufactured overseas—mainly in China. But that is slowly changing and new policy is helping to move US solar manufacturing along. Recent policy changes have created new incentives to encourage US solar manufacturing, which is expected to grow the industry and create jobs. 

There are solar panel companies that do some of their manufacturing in the US, but it’s almost impossible to find solar panels that are made exclusively in the United States. Most US-based solar manufacturers either assemble their products in the US with imported resources or have a mix of US-based and international manufacturing facilities. Other US solar companies are headquartered in the States but do all of their manufacturing overseas. 

Even if they don’t operate exclusively in the United States, however, solar panel companies that bring any component of their business into the US are supporting the national energy economy and helping to create good jobs for American workers. 

Solar Energy Solutions is proud to support US manufacturing by offering American-made solar panels. 

The Best American-Made Solar Panels  

Silfab Solar 

Silfab Solar is the leading solar panel manufacturer in North America. They are based in Canada but have two manufacturing facilities in the United States—both in Washington State. They offer a wide range of panels, and their Silfab Elite Series is manufactured exclusively in the United States. 

Qcells North America 

Qcells is an international company with corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States. Their US offices are located in California, and they have a manufacturing plant in Georgia, which just underwent a massive expansion. The newly expanded Georgia plant created 510 new solar factory jobs for American workers and will manufacture 30,000 solar panels per day! 

Solar Energy Solutions: Serving American Families Since 2006 

Solar Energy Solutions is a local, family-owned solar installation company that has been in business since 2006. We’re proud to help American families and businesses reduce their reliance on foreign gas and oil by making the switch to solar energy. We can help you find the best solar products for your home, farm, or building so you can start generating your own electricity.

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