Project At A Glance

  • Type – Roof Mounted
  • Location – Ohio
  • Completed – 2022
  • Modules – Hanwha Panels
  • Size – 5 MW

5 MW Retail Distribution Center

Solar Energy Solutions installed a 5MW roof-mounted solar array in Ohio on a large distribution center for a national retailer. Savings from solar power can help commercial businesses reduce operating costs significantly. Additionally, there are incentives to help commercial businesses offset the initial cost of installation.

The distribution center is part of the national retailer’s network of thousands of locations nationwide, with over 45,000 employees. And, the system will save the national retailer hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs each year.

The system consists of over 10,520 solar panels and took five months to install. The panels have guaranteed energy output for 25 years.

The solar system will produce approximately 5,500,000 kWh in the first year, which will save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity charges each year. This system will generate electricity each year, equivalent to powering more than 450 homes. *

*EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator –

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5 MW Retail Distribution Center
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