How Solar Energy Solutions Is Supporting Our Sustainable Customers

At our mid-year company meetings in July, install staff came together to learn CPR, inventory and resupply their trucks, and get together for some team building.  Sales and office staff also came together for meetings and team building with the whole company. This was especially nice after the long year of trying to stay apart to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.  As part of that team building we all relaxed at a casual company dinner and happy hour where we were able to sample some solar beer brewed by our customer Pivot Brewing. We also had an amazing company canoe outing at Canoe KY, another recent customer of Solar Energy Solutions.  Supporting sustainable businesses is a really great perk of what we do here at SES! Learn more about both of our sustainable customers below.

Pivot Brewing

Pivot Brewing Dinner Happy Hour

Pivot Brewing is an amazing local brewery that has been ‘pivoting’ to a more sustainable way of brewing hard cider and beer.  Solar is just one of the many ways they are lowering their impact while pursuing what they love. We were glad to help them out with the solar part of their journey.  And, we all had Cider and Beer brewed with the help of the sun at the company happy hour and dinner.  To put their efforts into perspective, over 25 years, which is the warrantied out put period for the solar panels, the array at Pivot Brewing will offset approximately 18,050,603 lbs. of carbon dioxide.  That is equivalent to:

Pivot Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings

Canoe Kentucky

Canoe KY Outing

Canoe Kentucky is one of our newest customers and now powered 100% by the sun.  This canoe and kayak outing was an amazing part of our company meeting. There was also a lot of sun at our team building outing, but as you can see by the sunscreen in the canoe, we were all practicing sun safety :-).  The Canoe KY solar array is a 21 kW array that will produce approximately 451,571 over 25 years, which is equivalent to:

Canoe KY Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings

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