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The Solar Panels We Use and Why

SES has carefully selected its solar panel suppliers based on a detailed review of 1) long-term performance, 2) quality, 3) financial stability, and 4) innovation. We source panels from a limited number of Top Ten Global Manufacturers.

Many solar companies neglect to reveal what module you will get before installation. We are proud to bring you the best panels from companies in the US and worldwide. The following companies we trust and work with to supply our solar panels:


Founded in 2000, Longi is considered one of the industry’s most reliable and affordable solar panel manufacturers. They have been rated the “Best Performing” enterprise worldwide for six consecutive years because of their excellent performance. SES values high-quality technology and prides itself on using Longi panels.


Today’s solar technology is better than ever, and creating and storing clean, affordable energy is smart for you and the planet. Panasonic has powered over a century of innovations and partners with fully certified solar installers to bring you best-in-class technology and a zero-worry, zero-hassle process. With Panasonic solar panels, you can generate clean power for years. 



Our superior-quality solar panels deliver maximum power density and long-term reliability and are backed by one of the most trusted warranties in the industry.

Silfab Solar is the North American manufacturing leader in designing and developing ultra-high-efficiency, premium-quality solar panels. Silfab leverages over 40 years of solar experience and operates out of Bellingham, Burlington, Washington, and Toronto, Canada, facilities. 

Boviet Solar

Boviet Solar’s PV Modules are known for their power, performance, and quality and have been rated as top performers on the PVEL module reliability scorecard since 2019. Boviet Solar has also maintained its position as a BloombergNEF Tier 1 solar module manufacturer and supplier since 2017. Boviet Solar has offices in USA and Germany, and its global headquarters are in Vietnam.


Founded in Germany in 1999, Q CELL provides high-performing panels in various designs. Q CELL panels guarantee long-term product availability and enhanced reliability, helping them to become one of the largest manufacturers in the United States. SES has used QCELL for 5MW commercial rooftops, a standard offering for residential and commercial projects.


SUNPOWER Authorized Dealer Logo

SunPower, founded in 1985, is a $4.8 billion US-based company. SunPower is renowned for its ultra-high efficiency and low degradation panels, top-tier warranties, recycling commitment, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. SES has been an accredited SunPower residential and commercial dealer for many years.

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