Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Solutions for Commercial Businesses

Commercial solar improves the bottom line for your business, and so much more. By powering part or all of your business with solar power, you lock in the price of that energy. In that way, solar for businesses protect your organization against price volatility in the future. You also show your customers and stockholders your commitment to the environment and to making smart financial decisions. Also, the capital investment tax benefits for businesses mean the payback on a solar investment is even quicker and more profitable than home installations – a double green benefit to your bottom line.

Oxmoor Mall / Mall of St. Matthews in Louisville. The largest rooftop array in KY

Solar energy for your business can:

  • Eliminate or reduce your energy costs
  • Receive a 30% tax credit
  • Receive accelerated depreciation tax benefits (MACRS)
  • Meet your corporate environmental goals or CO2 reduction targets
  • Market your business’s environmental appeal
  • Reduce your utility demand charges

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