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Tesla Roof

Solar Roof at SES

The Tesla Solar Roof is a sleeker version of a regular shingle roof. Not to mention that the roof tiles also generate power for your home and are extremely durable. If you’re building a new home or need to replace your existing roof, this is an excellent time to look into the Tesla Solar Roof. Your investment in a solar roof is covered by a 25-year energy and materials warranty.

First Solar Roof Installation at SES

In July of 2021, SES worked with Tesla on our first solar roof installation. The results were stunning. If you are interested in a Tesla Solar Roof, please fill out a quote form and put Tesla Solar Roof in the comments.

If your roof still has plenty of life in it, consider another great option from Tesla: the Tesla Solar Panels System. It’s a beautiful, low profile, sleek addition to any home that will pay for itself in energy savings. Click here to learn all about the Tesla Solar Panel System.

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