Tesla Powerwall vs. Generator?

Tesla Powerwall vs. Generator – Which is better?

Severe weather is becoming increasingly common in the Midwest, with thunderstorms, hailstorms, and even tornadoes passing through. Storms like these bring all kinds of problems, especially blackouts. 

You need more than solar panels alone to keep your power on during an outage. Grid-tied solar panels are automatically shut down anytime the grid is down for safety reasons, leaving you in the dark. 

If you want to keep your lights on during a power outage with solar, you have two options: a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall battery or a backup generator. Today, we will compare the pros and cons of a Powerwall vs. a generator to help you make the best choice for your home. 

Battery Storage vs Generator: What’s the Difference? 

Solar batteries and generators both provide backup power for your home during a power outage, but the similarities end there. 

Solar Battery Storage – Tesla Powerwall 

A solar battery is a backup power source that works best when paired with residential solar panels. Solar batteries work by storing the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day. You can use your stored power whenever you need it, including during a grid outage. 

Solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall also allow you to keep your solar panels on during a power outage. With a Tesla battery, your PV system can temporarily disconnect from the grid during an outage and operate independently, so you can continue generating and storing electricity during an outage. 

Backup Generator 

Backup generators run on fossil fuels like gas or propane to provide backup power for your home. They can provide partial or whole-home power, depending on the size, and you can use them with or without solar panels.

Pros and Cons of a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery vs Generator 

Tesla Powerwall solar batteries and gas generators each come with their own pros and cons that you should consider when comparing backup generators vs Tesla Powerwall for your home. If you already have or are planning to install solar panels, however, a Tesla solar battery is almost always the best choice. 

Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery Pros & Cons 

Tesla Powerwall solar batteries come with many advantages:

  • Reliable whole or partial home backup 
  • No ongoing fuel costs (runs on free solar power) 
  • Runs on clean renewable energy (no fossil fuels) 
  • Eligible for the 30% federal solar tax credit 
  • Little to no maintenance required 
  • Tracks weather and will save more power if extreme conditions are forecasted 
  • Easy to monitor and control with the Tesla app 

Tesla Powerwall batteries are more expensive than most home generators, which means the upfront costs are higher. However, the lifetime cost is typically lower because you don’t have to buy fuel for a solar battery as you do for a generator. 

Standby Generator Pros & Cons 

Standby generators are best if your home is not viable for solar panels. They provide automatic whole or partial home backup during a power outage. However, they burn fossil fuels like gas or propane to run, which is harmful to the environment. They also have ongoing fuel costs, which are getting more and more expensive as energy costs soar. And, if you’re low on fuel when an outage occurs, your generator won’t do you any good. 

Add Reliable Blackout Protection to Your Home with Tesla Powerwall 

Never let a power outage leave you in the dark again! Call Solar Energy Solutions to learn more about Tesla Powerwall installation. We are a certified Tesla Powerwall Premier Installer and can help you choose the best backup power option for your home. With over 2,500 solar installations and a highly experienced team, we are the best solar battery installer to call in Indianapolis, IN, Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, or Champaign, IL. 

With a solar battery any extra power your solar system generates during the day is saved in the battery before being sent to the grid.  You can use some of that extra power from the day at night and decide how much energy you always want to have in reserve for the an outage. The Powerwall even tracks the weather and if severe weather is forecasted, it will save as much energy as possible until the threat has passed.  

SES is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Premier Installer.  Learn more about the Tesla Powerwall on the SES website (here) and request a quote to find out about Powerwall for your home solar today.

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