What Is the Lifespan of Commercial Solar Panels?

Installing commercial solar panels can bring many benefits to your business by locking in the price you pay for electricity. With commercial incentives to make the initial investment of solar more affordable, the payback period for your solar system is quicker and more profitable for businesses, schools, and other institutions than residential solar. But how long do commercial solar panels last?

While solar panels can have a long lifespan that lasts for decades, there are certain factors that can optimize their performance, like the quality of the panels themselves and proper installation. At Solar Energy Solutions, we’ve been helping businesses throughout the Midwest reach their clean energy goals since 2006 with commercial solar installations. Not only can we find the right solar panels to eliminate or reduce your electricity costs, we can help you keep them producing electricity for years to come.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Not only is the quality of the panels themselves important to get the most out of commercial solar panels, but so is the installation and how well they are taken care of. 

At Solar Energy Solutions, we install high-quality solar panels to ensure optimal production.

Solar Panel Quality

While they may cost more upfront, high-quality solar panels are made with better materials and will continue to produce electricity long after their cheaper counterparts. At SES, we carefully select our solar panels from the top global manufacturers after reviewing them for long-term performance, quality, financial stability, and innovation. 

Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels is a complicated process that requires expertise to ensure optimal sunlight exposure as well as the safety of your building. Our team of qualified installers takes these into account and holds several certifications to ensure a quality installation and long-lasting results. 

Solar Panel Upkeep

While solar panels don’t require much maintenance throughout their lifespan, some upkeep can keep them producing electricity for years to come. Keeping your solar panels clean of debris—especially after a Midwest storm—will help ensure optimal power production and lifespan.

Incentives Make Commercial Solar More Affordable

Installing solar panels provides many benefits to businesses—one of them being that they qualify for a variety of commercial solar incentives. Solar Energy Solutions can help you take advantage of several rebates, tax credits, and incentives, such as:

  • 30% federal solar tax credit
  • MACRS Depreciation
  • REAP solar grants (for Agriculture and small businesses)

Your Local Commercial Solar Installer: Solar Energy Solutions 

Solar Energy Solutions is a locally owned commercial solar company that has installed thousands of solar energy systems throughout the Midwest. We will help you find the best solar panels for your business to ensure as many years of electric bill savings as possible. Our team is committed to excellence every step of the way and will make sure your solar installation is a smooth and efficient process. 

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