Trustworthiness v. The Hard Sell: How to Spot the Difference

Why the hard sell from some solar companies? When you think about it, it really doesn’t seem right. It certainly doesn’t convey trustworthiness in what has up to now been a very ethical and principled industry.

Time for Evaluation

Solar is a significant purchase; a purchase that should be considered, with multiple quotes. Obviously, we hope you transition to solar with SES, but if not us, we still hope you will choose solar, and with a good trustworthy company.  With a company that’s going to give you a fair price and the opportunity to evaluate the proposal to fully understand what you’re getting and what the benefits will be for your home or business.

Let’s Break it Down

So, let’s break down the hard sell and why it may be a strategy for some companies.  If a company is opting for a hard sell approach, it seems to us that they don’t want you to see what you could get from another company.  They may not want you to have adequate time to see if their pricing makes sense or if they have a good record of installations like yours. Chances are they are worried you could do better with some else. A company that is confident in what they are offing, welcomes a comparison and the ability to answer questions as you consider your choice. That’s trustworthiness.

False Incentives to Sign Today

What about financial incentives to sign today? If you’re being offered a big ‘company rebate’ to sign today consider that the money they’re ‘giving you’ was likely already calculated in.  Certainly there are things that can effect cost in a time sensitive way. However, they are normally tied to stock price fluctuations and availability.  At times, we have been able to get containers of solar panels, at a significant savings (psst – containers of panels purchased in the winter can be cheaper a good deal), we pass those along to our customers until the stock runs out.  But arbitrary ‘today only company rebates or specials’ seem like a tactic to close the deal without letting you compare contractors. A company that won’t add ‘fake’ freebies into the cost shows trustworthiness.

SES will always allow you out of a contract for a very minimal design or change fee while others will 3-days after signing charge you 50% – 70% of the project cost to cancel or swap vendors.

Compare us to other installers, we’re confident you’ll get a better system at a fair and ethical price that will last for decades. And never ever be pressed into a contract without time to think, compare and contrast your options.

Here’s a great article by the nonprofit organization, Solar United Neighbors, How to Spot a Solar Scam.

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