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You can use the sun’s light to create solar electricity with solar panels. These panels convert sunlight into electricity to power your home and/or organization.

Solar electricity is now one of the cheapest, cleanest, and most long-lasting energy sources available. Over the past ten years, typical solar panel efficiencies have risen by 25%. Also, it’s now common to see 25-year solar panel material and solar power energy output warranties.

When you consider installing solar panels with Solar Energy Solutions, you have three main options; grid-tied (utility connected) solar systems, grid-tied solar systems with battery backup, and off-grid systems.

  • With a grid-tied (utility connected) solar systems, your home is still connected to the utility grid. So, your solar system can pull and push extra power from the panels to the grid. With net metering you will pay the difference between what you pull from and push to the grid. The rate credited for solar power sent to the grid can vary depending on the location and utility.
  • Grid-tied with battery back up, makes it possible to store some of the extra solar power produced by the panels to be used at night or during a grid outage.
  • Off grid solar power systems have no connection to the utility grid as backup and need a battery and backup generator to ensure no loss of power.

Solar Energy Solutions offers all three of these options and will help you decide what meets your specific goals. Systems are scalable to meet any need or specification, from 1% of your energy usage to 100%. 


solar panel system - single story home

If your main goal with solar electricity is to save money on your electric bills for years to come, then a grid-tied PV system is the way to go. Over 95% of solar we install are grid-connected solar systems. This type of installation eliminates the need for a battery. With this type of system, you can send extra power, your home isn’t using, out to the grid. You can also pull power from the grid when your system isn’t producing enough power, at night for example. One way to think of this pushing and pulling power is that the grid is acts as virtual energy bank/battery. When your solar generates more energy than you are using you save that power in the grid and pull it out later, when you need it.

Solar Energy Solutions has worked with all the regional utility companies for years, and we do all the interconnection legwork for you. Our installations always include all fees and documentation required by the utility company, as well as all permitting, inspection costs and supervision to make your installation as smooth and worryfree as possible.


solar panel system - green house

With all the benefits of grid-tie solar, it is increasingly common for people to want to use as much of their solar electricity as possible for their own needs, to be able to access stored solar power for use at night or during a utility outage. Equally, if you live in an area where your utility does not offer Net Metering or the compensation for your solar energy by the utility is not attractive, battery storage may be the answer.

Few solar installers have the level of experience with battery storage design and engineering as SES. Solar Energy Solutions is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in addition to the experience we have with classic batteries. Our expertise covers everything from old-school flooded cell batteries to the Tesla Powerwall; no matter the situation, we can find the right solution to add on to your new or existing solar array. 


solar panel system - rural

For remote rural homes, cabins, workshops, agricultural locations, or any structures beyond the reach of the grid, off grid systems are a good option. Theses systems are usually in locations where it would be prohibitively expensive to connect to the grid. Solar Energy Solutions has the experience and ‘know-how’ to find the right design for your energy needs. 

Engineering off-grid solar is a unique and technical skill-set, requiring a careful analysis of the home’s energy usage patterns.  Those patterns that are then translated into the system design to ensure that sufficient energy is available in even the worst months of the year by storing that reserve in reliable and easily managed battery banks. Precise engineering work is critical in off-grid situations.

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