Can You Be Energy Independent With Solar?

Solar can be a great option if you’re striving for total energy independence for your home or business or just want to lessen your reliance on the national grid. Today, we’re diving into everything home, and business owners need to know about the connection between energy independence and solar. Ready to learn more about how solar can help you become more energy independent and how the solar experts at Solar Energy Solutions can help? Let’s dive in. 

What Is Energy Independence?

What comes to mind when someone says they’re striving for energy independence or “going off the grid”? Perhaps a person alone in a cabin, foraging for food and resources, with no electricity (let alone technology) to be seen. Or, maybe, a group of people living in a secluded area who have cut themselves off from the rest of society and its resources. 

But here’s the thing: in the most literal sense, attaining greater energy independence or going off-grid just means reducing or not relying on the national energy grid for electricity. It involves collecting and storing energy independently through systems such as solar panels and batteries. And, when you think about how many things we use daily that rely on electricity (lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, etc.), it’s clear why many want to attain full or greater energy independence from their utilities. 

With energy independence, you can have the following:

  • Freedom from rising utility rates and changing rate plans
  • Security against power outages and grid instability
  • Knowledge your electricity is 100% from a clean, renewable source

How Can Solar Help Your Home or Business Become Energy Independent? 

We’ve established what energy independence is, but how does solar electricity come into play? By installing solar panels, home, and business owners can collect energy from the sun, which they can either use immediately or store for later usage. By collecting and storing solar power, people can have greater control over their energy bills and utility rate plans (bye-bye, utility price increases!) and power their homes and businesses in an environmentally friendly way and in your control. 

Solar Panels to Generate Power

Solar panels are the foundation of a residential or commercial solar energy system. They are responsible for collecting energy from the sun, which can then be used to power homes and businesses. 

Solar Batteries to Store Power for Later Use

When combined with solar panels, solar battery storage ensures that your home or business never needs to experience a power outage again. Some people opt to use the power they generate from their solar panels and sell the extra power back to utility companies in areas with net metering or solar buyback rates. Others use solar batteries to store that power for later usage, thus affording them greater energy independence. 

Take Control of Your Power with Solar Energy Solutions 

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