Solar Energy Solutions – Our Purpose and Mission

We are the region’s leading solar energy provider, advocate, and employer.  We help homeowners, businesses, and other organizations to cut energy costs and improve their lives, their environment, and their communities by delivering consultation, design, and construction solutions to improve a home or building’s environmental footprint and running costs for years to come. 

Our in house engineers design solar energy systems customized to your energy needs which are installed by our NABCEP Certified PV Professional installers. NABCEP certification is the top solar certification.

We invest our time and resources in making sure our staff has the most comprehensive training on the latest technology so you can feel confident that you are getting the most cost effective system possible that will meet your individual energy needs. Solar isn’t one size fits all, everyone’s energy usage is unique so we design for you.

Whether you are looking to cut your energy costs and take control of your own power or you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment, it is our goal to be a trusted advisor to you on your journey to clean, independent solar power.

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