At Solar Energy Solutions, we’re always up for sharing bright ideas. There’s currently a lot going on on the solar energy front. Here, you can learn more about everything from legislative issues and technological advancements to important factors you need to consider before going solar and the environmental benefits to making that change to clean energy.

The 3 Key Factors That Go into Sizing Solar for Your Home

3 key factors contribute to sizing a home solar energy system; energy usage, space, and budget. Once you have these pieces of information, the smallest of the three determines the …

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Take your home Off-Grid with a Tesla Powerwall

A frequent question we get about the Tesla Powerwall is if it has off-grid capability. And indeed it does! Tesla off-grid systems offer the best experience for homeowners who want …

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Solar panels on roof

How Durable Are My Solar Panels?

Manufactured To Last – Warrantied To Prove It! Spring weather can always be a bit unpredictable, now more than ever as our planet warms.  Warmer air moves into cooler air creating …

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Introducing Tesla Powerwall for Small Commercial

Now Tesla Powerwall is 208V compatible, which means it’s a great option for small businesses, schools, institutions or places of worship.  With Tesla Powerwall, capture the solar electricity from your …

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Solar panels on roof of home

SB100 Will Come to Kentucky – How Does This Affect You?

What happens in Kentucky on January 1st, 2020 with SB100 in effect? With the passage of Kentucky SB 100, Kentucky utilities will be able to request rate cases before the Public …

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Stately home with solar panels on roof

Are You Considering a Solar Panel Installation for Your Home?

Here are things to think about when you are considering solar for your home: Southern exposure is optimal, but with improvements in panels over the past 10 years eastern and …

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Are You Considering a Solar Panel Installation For Your Business?

Here are things to think about when considering solar for your business: Not sure how to answer the questions above?  Ask a solar specialist. Our specialists can answer where, why, …

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Tesla Powerwall for Your Home – Never Lose Power Again

Use Your Solar Power After the Sun Goes Down If you’ve been thinking about adding battery storage to your current solar energy system, don’t wait in the national Tesla queue. …

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Two Great Financing Options to Help You Switch to Solar Today!

While solar will likely save you tens of thousands (or maybe even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in utility costs over its 30 – 40 year lifespan, the fact remains that solar …

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Solar Energy Solutions is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Telsa Powerwall Stores Solar Power Produced by Your Solar Panels During the Day to run Your Home at Night, or When The Grid Goes Down…