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Solar Solutions for Utilities


Utility-scale solar, along with wind energy, is now one of the cheapest sources of grid power for new construction. Even with recent falls in natural gas prices, solar is less expensive than Combined Cycle Gas plants. Even large-scale energy storage systems (batteries) are already cheaper than building gas-powered peaker units.

Solar Energy Solutions has significant experience of working with both large regional utilities, Co-op’s, and Muni’s, along with small and mediumsize private investors in the bidding and construction of up to 10 MW solar farms.

SES is familiar with all aspects of project management from initial financing through design, engineering, procurement, and construction to ongoing O&M needs. We have also developed a supporting network of PPA partners, direct from vendor module supply, construction sub-contractors, and an enabling knowledge of state and PSC/PUC interconnection permitting.

Solar energy for your utility company can:

  • Provide your customers with a renewable energy choice
  • Integrate proven renewable energy options into your forward resource planning
  • Provide a low volatility energy supply option for your portfolio
  • Meet your local RPS requirements
  • Diversify your energy assets
  • Show customers you are leading the way to a clean future while meeting their current energy needs
  • Allow the execution of smaller-scale feasibility projects to prior to larger investment

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